Dental Urgent Care

    Dental Urgent Care

    When you’re experiencing a severe toothache, you cannot wait days for an appointment at the dentist’s office. You need relief as soon as possible. That’s why our dental office offers emergency dental care. If you are suffering from an emergency dental condition, our dentist can provide you with immediate relief from your pain and any other oral infection.

    Types of Dental Emergencies

    Some common dental emergencies include:

    Broken Tooth

    A tooth has three main parts: the crown, the roots, and the pulp. The crown is the part of the tooth that is visible in your mouth. Each tooth has two roots, one on either side, that hold the tooth in place in the jaw. When the enamel of a tooth is broken or cracked, the tooth can also break below the gum line. This type of damage is usually caused by biting down on something hard or chewing on ice or other very hard foods. 

    If the enamel is chipped but not broken all the way through to the soft part of the tooth, it will still need to be examined by our dentist to ensure that there is no damage to the sensitive interior of the tooth. If the inner layer is not damaged, it may be possible to bond a filling material to the tooth to protect it from further injury and promote healing. 

    However, if the fracture extends all the way to the center of the tooth and damages the pulp, the tooth may have to be removed. In this case, you may need a replacement tooth, such as a dental implant, to restore your smile. Our emergency dentist will be able to examine the damage and let you know what your options are for restoring the tooth.


    If you experience any level of tooth pain, you should seek immediate dental care. The pain may indicate that you have an infected tooth that needs a root canal. Root canals are among the most common dental procedures performed in the United States. The procedure requires a dentist to clean out and disinfect the inside of the affected tooth. 

    After the tooth is cleaned and prepared, it is then filled and sealed with a crown or filling to protect it from further decay. Research has shown that having a root canal procedure can help save your tooth and prevent the need for extraction.

    Knocked-Out Tooth

    A knocked-out tooth is a very serious dental emergency that requires immediate treatment. A knocked-out tooth can sometimes be saved if treated within an hour, but time is of the essence. 

    The first step is to gently rinse the tooth. Don’t touch the root of the tooth or remove any attached tissue fragments. If the roots are dirty, you can carefully rinse them with milk or water. Never scrub the roots. Get to the dental office immediately. 

    What Happens During a Dental Urgent Care Visit?

    During your appointment, the dentist will be able to inspect the condition of your teeth and gums to determine the extent of the damage. They’ll then provide appropriate care to prevent infection or other complications. This may include removing any debris from the mouth as well as placing a temporary filling in the cavity to prevent further decay and discomfort until you can schedule an appointment with a general dentist for restorative work. 

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